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Movie theater quesiton..

2012-07-03 21:13:35 by Zeldakrazed7

So the new Spiderman movie just came out today, I'm going to see it tonight. How early should I get to the theater to ensure good seats and/or not getting too late in case the sell out? I live in Madison, so it's pretty populated.

Yup! I got flash again. I'm going to follow this tutorial and make this thing! I'm thinking a Halo themed shooter.. but that might be just a little hard to make the graphics. Any theme ideas?

Weird Eye Dreams

2011-07-25 14:59:51 by Zeldakrazed7

So like last week or something I had this dream, of these twins at my school. They're both female, but it wasn't sexual. They we're wearing matching blue fuzzy sweaters, and didn't say anything. Just kind of smiled and looked around. Then I noticed their eyes, I forgot what their real eye colors were, but they were both blue! It looked really cool. Like a true, bold blue. And what was even cooler, was that the whites of the eyes weren't white, it was a baby blue! And I said, "Aidan!" Which was one of their names, "You're eyes, they look so cool! Why are they like that?" But she only smiled and blushed and I looked at Hannah, the other, and asked, "What did you guys do? It looks so awesome!!" And then I woke up..

Also some months ago, I had another dream about some cool eyes. I was at my school, which is a boarding school, and I just walked out of the gym and noticed no one was outside on the campus. Then I started to lift off of the ground, but I didn't act like it was strange. And I was like 20 feet in the air, and was like swimming. But in the air. I started swimming towards my dorm, as I saw that one of my friends, I never was sure who, either Alec or Josh, but that doesn't matter to you. He was walking on the sidewalk towards the dorm, with a blonde girl I have never met. So I went onto the ground and yelled, "Hey Josh/Alec! whatcha doin'?" I don't recall a reply for sure, but I was behind them, and when they turned, and I saw her eyes, I just kind of stared for a second at them, then thought, "I should say something." I said, "Oh my god, I love your eyes!" Her eyes were very big, and you couldn't tell if she even had pupils. Her whole eye was a swirl of a turquoise like color with blue and green. The colors were always moving and always changing between those. Also, when she closed her eyes, it wasn't like she had normal eyelids, her eyelids closed, and it was like a window into her mind, or something. It still looked like she had eyes open, but what she thought about showed in her eyes. When she closed them, they turned blue, and there was a brighter blue color that looked like a sheet inside it, then it looked like an invisible hand was under the sheet, grabbed in the middle, made a fist, and made a slow uppercut motion that was very graceful, and then I woke up.

What do you think this means? With the eyes?

If I sell my Wii...

2008-11-28 22:16:23 by Zeldakrazed7

This should be impossible! So I have a Wii, kind of boring, only reason to keep it in my opinion is for SSBB and when the new Zelda comes out. So I was thinking of selling it on ebay, so i searched Wii and found a Nintendo Wii for $325, and they're only selling 1 wii mote and nunchuck and wiisports with their wii, but if I sold my Wii with my two wiimotes and nunchucks plus mario kart, wii sports, and SSBB. The chances are, I'd make at least $375-$415 and then I could buy an Xbox with that money, so I searched on ebay, Xbox 360 Pro and found only $219 for a $300 system. and if I bought Halo 3 for $32 and another controller for $24. If I actually did all this I'd end up with about $115 left (assuming i will sell my wii at $390) So I could buy some games, Xbox LIVE and an ethernet cable, or just save it.
I also just figured out that if my Wii sells for $390 which I know it'll sell for more, especially with Christmas coming up, and I bought the Xbox 360 Pro and everything else at a store, I'd have about -$20. So that means I'd be saving about $140. So what do you think Newgrounds?

But my mom doesn't want me to do it.. and.. its just so painful to pass this up...

I need to know 'cause I really want to get Portal for PC but I'm not sure how to see if i meet the requirements.

Minimum: 1.7 512MB RAM, DirectX® 8 level Graphics Card

Recommended: 1GB RAM, DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card

So all I need to do is figure out what my RAM and graphics card. Does anyone know who can tell me?

Please, i need to grow!
Increase my population!
Increase my industry!
If you post yours.. I will visit your city so please come to mine!

This is kinda pointless but I want a bigger city.....

Civil War Flash Help!

2008-06-03 14:49:00 by Zeldakrazed7

What kind of music should be going on in my educational flash? And maybe you could tell me a few things to say too.

Civil War

2008-06-01 13:49:47 by Zeldakrazed7

I'm making a movie of the civil war and a bit after it, kind of educational vid, maybe some jokes here and there but I'm hoping to educate some kids in power of flash while most likely getting educated a bit myself.

Civil War

My new shooter!

2008-04-19 15:11:12 by Zeldakrazed7

i'm making a shooting game where your a soldier and you practice aiming by shooting targets!
but i'm running into difficulties..

i gots flash now

2008-04-13 16:14:01 by Zeldakrazed7

I'm making a game some what like impossible quiz
called... My Buttons

travisofpersia is somewhat helping...